Narcissism Issue (Mar. 2018 #2)

Mar 2018 #2 – The Narcissism Issue

This issue is the last Kent HQ – Longfellow issue (transitioning to Kent HQ – Whittier), as indicated by the article “First pangs of nostalgia arrive at Kent HQ.” The Kent HQ Flex Seating program was also introduced at Kent HQ in this issue – a program that will continue at the new location. A new moniker for a Russian agent is revealed in the 9th Resistance Corner, which is the avant-Kente “Dear Stormy’s Stallion.” Coverage of the water bottle I received from a homeless man appears in this issue – a story that was initially going to appear in the Sustainability Issue, as erroneously indicated elsewhere.

Edits made to this issue following its initial paper release:

Kent HQ flex seating
– “News”; typo
Resistance corner
– McDonald’s; typo
– sleight-of-hand; typo

It is available as a hard copy at Peace Coffee Minnehaha, Five Watt Nicollet, Riverview, and Royal Grounds in Minneapolis. All copies printed on paper certified as responsibly sourced and 30% post-consumer recycled (see certificate FSC-C011397).