Public/Private Issue (Apr. 2018 #2)

The Kentbook, self-publisher Kent Roberts’ first solo book, with all issues since 1999 and all-new material, arrives here on 12/31/2018 at 11:59pm.

Open Public/Private Issue

This issue features a lengthy self-interview related to the public/private nature of reality and chronic abuse of Kentself. There is also a laundry situation that details a substantial change in infrastructure at the new Kent HQ, as well as an announcement of the loss of access to a laundry chute. The Public/Private Issue also includes two new Kentphorisms and two new Facts & Fictions About Kent Roberts. It also includes the 11th “Resistance corner,” which discusses eco-resistance.

Old & New Issue (Apr. 2018 #1)

The Kentbook, self-publisher Kent Roberts’ first solo book, with all issues since 1999 and all-new material, arrives here on 12/31/2018 at 11:59pm.

Apr 2018 #1 – Old and New Issue

This issue features a comparative analysis of the Old & New Kent HQs (Minneapolis Longfellow & Minneapolis Whittier). There is a sad goodbye to a beloved tree and an update on the Nell publication. There are two new Kentphorisms and a Fact & Fiction About Kent Roberts, both of which have turned into staples. Finally, this issue contains the 10th Resistance corner, a self-interview on the feature film I will release, on solar servers online, on October 16, Multicultural Diversity Day.

Narcissism Issue (Mar. 2018 #2)

The Kentbook, self-publisher Kent Roberts’ first solo book, with all issues since 1999 and all-new material, arrives here on 12/31/2018 at 11:59pm.

Mar 2018 #2 – The Narcissism Issue

This issue is the last Kent HQ – Longfellow issue (transitioning to Kent HQ – Whittier), as indicated by the article “First pangs of nostalgia arrive at Kent HQ.” The Kent HQ Flex Seating program was also introduced at Kent HQ in this issue – a program that will continue at the new location. A new moniker for a Russian agent is revealed in the 9th Resistance Corner, which is the avant-Kente “Dear Stormy’s Stallion.” Coverage of the water bottle I received from a homeless man appears in this issue – a story that was initially going to appear in the Sustainability Issue, as erroneously indicated elsewhere.


Repetition Issue (Feb. 2018 #3)

Open the Repetition Issue

The Repetition Issue contains an opinion piece from Kent Roberts of Minneapolis, explaining his eccentric behavior at a Manhattan temp job. There is another interview with a key Kent figure, Kent Interrelational Guru Kent Roberts. The issue also contains the avant-Kente “33 x 3,” the 7th “Resistance corner,” and new installments of the recurring features “Fact & Fiction About Kent Roberts” and “Laundry situation.”

Peace Issue (Feb. 2018 #2)

Open the Peace Issue v. 2

I know this is annoying, but sometimes I release an additional edit of the same issue… for some reason. However, version 2 is an improvement and is touchups of the original. This issue contains some very interesting commentary within the Kent staff. The top story, “Peace arises following ‘friendly fire’ accident,” involves Kent Task Lisk Progress Monitor (KTLPM) Kent Roberts basically freaking out on Kent Special Projects Coordinator (KSPC) Kent Roberts. The Laundry situation features Kent Parent HQ. There is also an interview with Kent Lovelife Consultant Kent Roberts. Finally, this issue contains the 6th “Resistance corner.”

February 2018 #2

Feb 2018 #2

This Peace Issue features an all-new “Laundry situation,” the 6th “Resistance corner,” an interview with my lovelife consultant, and the top story, “Peace arises following ‘friendly fire’ accident.” This issue was possibly written faster than any of the 100+ issues that have been produced. But it is also, I think, maybe one of the best.

February 2018 #1

Feb 2018 #1

The Snowflakes Issue features a lengthy self-interview, “Exclusive: Kent talks Super Bowl With Kentself”; a Valentine’s-themed Fact & Fiction; two new Kentphorisms; the 5th “Resistance Corner”; and an update on the Kent spinoff Nell. The top story, though, is, “Amateur parenting advice: snowflakes are fun.”

January 2018 #3

Open Jan 2018 #3

Update: This issue, the Head Injury Issue, should now be considered only available through the website. Although there may still be a few copies floating around in Minneapolis Distro Points, I’m officially recalling the remainder of the local copies. The rap is a statement that is 100% against racism, but the blend of cultural elements got under some people’s skin to an extent that I need to pull the issue as “Too Hot For Local.” It is what it is; and lesson learned re: comfort at the local level. The rap is returning to its original title and form, trusting my instincts on what I wrote.

Notes (Boilerplate):

  1. The physical copies of this issue that are currently distributed at Peace (Minnehaha), Five Watt (Nicollet), Riverview, and Royal Grounds in Minneapolis are printed on paper that is certified as responsibly sourced and 30% post-consumer recycled by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  2. Every issue moving forward until the like-stable-genius-in-chief is out of office will contain an installment of “Resistance Corner,” which first appeared at the same time Kent (first founded as a quarterly in 1999, after which it quickly became a sporadic) transitioned to a more sustainable weekly in December 2017.