Adulthood Issue (Oct. 2018 #1)

Oct 2018 #1 – Adulthood Issue

The Adulthood Issue features discussion of my 23- to 30-year entry into adulthood. Kent Mother Judy requests a path through my stuff. A chip clip is tested as a belt after a safety pin proves insufficient. I problem-solve my disconnect with Nell.

Transitions Issue (Sept. 2018 #2)

Sept 2018 #2 – Transitions Issue

In this issue, we learn that self-publisher Kent Roberts is moving Kent Headquarters (KHQ) back across town to Kent Mother HQ (KMHQ), the former Kent Parent HQ (KPHQ), thus temporarily rendering KMHQ the official KHQ.

Public/Private Issue (Apr. 2018 #2)

Apr 2018 #2 – Public/Private Issue

This issue features a lengthy self-interview related to the public/private nature of reality and chronic abuse of Kentself. There is also a laundry situation that details a substantial change in infrastructure at the new Kent HQ, as well as an announcement of the loss of access to a laundry chute. The Public/Private Issue also includes two new Kentphorisms and two new Facts & Fictions About Kent Roberts. It also includes the 11th “Resistance corner,” which discusses eco-resistance.

Repetition Issue (Feb. 2018 #3)

Open the Repetition Issue

The Repetition Issue contains an opinion piece from Kent Roberts of Minneapolis, explaining his eccentric behavior at a Manhattan temp job. There is another interview with a key Kent figure, Kent Interrelational Guru Kent Roberts. The issue also contains the avant-Kente “33 x 3,” the 7th “Resistance corner,” and new installments of the recurring features “Fact & Fiction About Kent Roberts” and “Laundry situation.”

Peace Issue (Feb. 2018 #2)

Open the Peace Issue v. 2

I know this is annoying, but sometimes I release an additional edit of the same issue… for some reason. However, version 2 is an improvement and is touchups of the original. This issue contains some very interesting commentary within the Kent staff. The top story, “Peace arises following ‘friendly fire’ accident,” involves Kent Task Lisk Progress Monitor (KTLPM) Kent Roberts basically freaking out on Kent Special Projects Coordinator (KSPC) Kent Roberts. The Laundry situation features Kent Parent HQ. There is also an interview with Kent Lovelife Consultant Kent Roberts. Finally, this issue contains the 6th “Resistance corner.”

February 2018 #2

Feb 2018 #2

This Peace Issue features an all-new “Laundry situation,” the 6th “Resistance corner,” an interview with my lovelife consultant, and the top story, “Peace arises following ‘friendly fire’ accident.” This issue was possibly written faster than any of the 100+ issues that have been produced. But it is also, I think, maybe one of the best.