eKentbook Lite

eKentbook Lite, the first edition of Kentbook (with full editions arriving February 2), includes all issues of Kent since 1999 except the two Kent Lost Issues, along with the first public appearance of the Kent Staff Handbook.

This post is backdated a few days. *Warning: The following will be boring but may interest some re: Internet authenticity in terms of why that is the case.* I initially published the PDF on December 31, 2018, and I was having technical difficulties that made me feel like something was going to go wrong, so I published the eKentbook Lite actually slightly ahead of when this page indicates. However, I realized that by posting it as a page and making it a static page, people were having trouble accessing individual issues. So I republished as a post, but I also wanted the post to indicate the initial publication time. The objective publication time was 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on New Year’s Eve. The book was initially published at approximately 11:00pm EDT. However, since I already wanted to backdate to the 31st to indicate initial publication date, I thought I’d also switch the publication time to the mythical ideal publication time of 11:59pm – which does truly reflect my initial desire to publish at a time when everyone was distracted with something else.

Peace Issue (Feb. 2018 #2)

Open the Peace Issue v. 2

I know this is annoying, but sometimes I release an additional edit of the same issue… for some reason. However, version 2 is an improvement and is touchups of the original. This issue contains some very interesting commentary within the Kent staff. The top story, “Peace arises following ‘friendly fire’ accident,” involves Kent Task Lisk Progress Monitor (KTLPM) Kent Roberts basically freaking out on Kent Special Projects Coordinator (KSPC) Kent Roberts. The Laundry situation features Kent Parent HQ. There is also an interview with Kent Lovelife Consultant Kent Roberts. Finally, this issue contains the 6th “Resistance corner.”