Public/Private Issue (Apr. 2018 #2)

The Kentbook, self-publisher Kent Roberts’ first solo book, with all issues since 1999 and all-new material, arrives here on 12/31/2018 at 11:59pm.

Open Public/Private Issue

This issue features a lengthy self-interview related to the public/private nature of reality and chronic abuse of Kentself. There is also a laundry situation that details a substantial change in infrastructure at the new Kent HQ, as well as an announcement of the loss of access to a laundry chute. The Public/Private Issue also includes two new Kentphorisms and two new Facts & Fictions About Kent Roberts. It also includes the 11th “Resistance corner,” which discusses eco-resistance.

One-Line Articles Issue (2004 #1)

Issue 1 – One-Line Articles

The One-Line Articles Issue includes updates from diverse areas of self-publisher Kent Roberts’ life, ranging from work to travel to creatures, and even to deaths. The financial section notes that the blinds are being opened during the day to save on the electric bill. Contributor Paul Grellong’s “Kent Health & Nutrition” column provides detailed commentary on Kent’s grocery receipts.