Proclamation Issue (2004 #4)

Issue 4 – Proclamation

Simultaneous dancing and singing takes center stage. The laundry situation also gets thorough coverage. Mike Delevante has a couple articles, one detailing his concerns over self-publisher Kent Roberts’ use of foul language and the other discussing Kent paper quality. Paul Grellong also makes an appearance with his “Health & Nutrition” column, in this case noting protest toward Roberts.

Notepad Issue (2004 #2)

Issue 2 – Notepad Issue

The Notepad Issue features a sighting of Kent walking into a coffeeshop with his then-girlfriend, eventual Kent Sonmother Amanda Blair. It also includes an Opinion Poll with 10 yes-or-no questions – to be completed and mailed to Kent Austin Jollyville Road HQ.

One-Line Articles Issue (2004 #1)

Issue 1 – One-Line Articles

The One-Line Articles Issue includes updates from diverse areas of self-publisher Kent Roberts’ life, ranging from work to travel to creatures, and even to deaths. The financial section notes that the blinds are being opened during the day to save on the electric bill. Contributor Paul Grellong’s “Kent Health & Nutrition” column provides detailed commentary on Kent’s grocery receipts.