Narcissism Issue (Mar. 2018 #2)

Mar 2018 #2 – The Narcissism Issue

This issue is the last Kent HQ – Longfellow issue (transitioning to Kent HQ – Whittier), as indicated by the article “First pangs of nostalgia arrive at Kent HQ.” The Kent HQ Flex Seating program was also introduced at Kent HQ in this issue – a program that will continue at the new location. A new moniker for a Russian agent is revealed in the 9th Resistance Corner, which is the avant-Kente “Dear Stormy’s Stallion.” Coverage of the water bottle I received from a homeless man appears in this issue – a story that was initially going to appear in the Sustainability Issue, as erroneously indicated elsewhere.

Edits made to this issue following its initial paper release:

Kent HQ flex seating
– “News”; typo
Resistance corner
– McDonald’s; typo
– sleight-of-hand; typo

It is available as a hard copy at Peace Coffee Minnehaha, Five Watt Nicollet, Riverview, and Royal Grounds in Minneapolis. All copies printed on paper certified as responsibly sourced and 30% post-consumer recycled (see certificate FSC-C011397).


Repetition Issue (Feb. 2018 #3)

Open the Repetition Issue

The Repetition Issue contains an opinion piece from Kent Roberts of Minneapolis, explaining his eccentric behavior at a Manhattan temp job. There is another interview with a key Kent figure, Kent Interrelational Guru Kent Roberts. The issue also contains the avant-Kente “33 x 3,” the 7th “Resistance corner,” and new installments of the recurring features “Fact & Fiction About Kent Roberts” and “Laundry situation.”

Available in its “true form” at Peace Coffee Wonderland Park, Five Watt Kingfield, Riverview, and Royal Grounds in Minneapolis. All copies are printed on paper that is certified as responsibly sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).