Peace Issue (Feb. 2018 #2)

Open the Peace Issue v. 2

I know this is annoying, but sometimes I release an additional edit of the same issue… for some reason. However, version 2 is an improvement and is touchups of the original. This issue contains some very interesting commentary within the Kent staff. The top story, “Peace arises following ‘friendly fire’ accident,” involves Kent Task Lisk Progress Monitor (KTLPM) Kent Roberts basically freaking out on Kent Special Projects Coordinator (KSPC) Kent Roberts. The Laundry situation features Kent Parent HQ. There is also an interview with Kent Lovelife Consultant Kent Roberts. Finally, this issue contains the 6th “Resistance corner.”

Available in its “true form” at Peace Coffee Wonderland Park, Five Watt Kingfield, Riverview, and Royal Grounds in Minneapolis. All copies are printed on paper that is certified as responsibly sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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