Late-night galavanting minute

By Kent Roberts

 One night recently, I went to Kent Friend Inga (KFI) and Kent Friend Richard’s (KFR’s) house. I met their roommates and pets (including a dog, cats, and a gecko with crickets in its aquarium that it would eventually eat). At some point the dog peed all over the stairs. I failed to keep my socks out of it. One must be patient with a cleanup crew.

I got home about 2 am, and Kent Friend Cori (KFC) was texting me to go on an impromptu road trip to Chicago with her. I was in for the road trip, but she eventually cancelled – which, I’m guessing, is a common problem with impromptu road trips. She did invite me over to the house where she was, Kent Acquaintance Jesse’s (KAJ’s). 

Kent Acquaintance Jesse had a sleeping child, so everyone had to be very quiet. The cat was friendly. 

I left there at 5:30 a.m. I got home and did some emailing and social media, then fell asleep at about 7:15. That is the most serious late-night galavanting I’ve done in some time.