*Kent* publication scores great testimonial from Kentself

By Kent Roberts

This week we were thrilled to receive a glowing testimonial from one of our most enthusiastic supporters, Kentself Kent Roberts. “When anyone asks me for Kent Roberts media recommendations,” said Roberts, “I always suggest the Kent publication, the proven standard in Kent Roberts news coverage.” 

Roberts made this statement inside his own head. Luckily, we are privileged at Kent Media Enterprises (KME) to be able to capture big data from Kentself on any platform (even psychological and spiritual ones), at any time except for sleep (see below). What he lacks in privacy, he gains in coverage – since this access yields great insight into his activities, opinions, fears, and wakeful dreams. 

Note: The data we mine from Kentself during his sleep is muddled; plus, due to biological constraints, our sleep is aligned with Kentself’s.