Investigative Report: Splattered liquid on Kentmobile

By Kent Roberts

Yesterday I realized that the Kentmobile had become splattered with a mysterious brown liquid. I discovered it as I arrived at Goodwill to purchase some jigsaw puzzles for Kent Mother Judy (KMJ). 

On the drive to Goodwill, I had frustrated another driver enough for her/him to start flashing their lights at me, so when I saw the liquid, I immediately thought it might be the results of a revenge-throw of coffee at my vehicle. 

The second time I examined the coffee, I noticed how it was splattered. It occurred to me that splattering does not typically occur when a liquid is merely thrown but when something makes impact with it, thus creating a spray – as in the case of a wheel hitting a puddle. 

I took pictures and brought them into the coffeehouse2 to get a second opinion. Kent Barista Kaycie (KBK) concurred with my assessment that the liquid in the pictures had likely come from a puddle as opposed to a beverage.