Interview: Personal & professional boredom

By Kent Roberts

Kent: Do you suffer from boredom, or is it too much excitement simply to be around yourself to ever feel bored?

Kent: I do feel bored sometimes, yes. Well, I do have to do a lot of things I do that are kind of boring. I like that I get to write for a living, but that writing is for business and is so… monotonously functional. 

Kent: But when you center yourself on yourself, that never gets boring, right?

Kent: I guess it is a little less boring to be talking about whatever minutiae is bugging me at a certain moment. 

Kent: Understandably you have to work, and that can get a little boring, but in your personal life, how are you curbing boredom?

Kent: I’m trying to figure out how to spend some of my time in ways that are not tied to making money. It does get a little confusing. But I went to a movie the other night. I’ve been doing standup. I want to start doing more service too.

Kent: You know, you’re becoming much more polite during my interviews. I appreciate that. You just calmly answer my questions rather than trying to sabotage me. Why has this changed?

Kent: I think I’ve started to realize that we’re on the same team. There’s no reason for me to have a separate agenda from yours. I trust your agenda.

Kent: Look, I don’t have an agenda – except for revealing the truth, the truth that is you.