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Posted by on May 6, 2017 in Breaking Kent News, Kent Friends | 2 comments

*Breaking* Mug arrives for Kent

Kent publication bonds with mug from Kent Friend Frank Tomizuka.

by Kent Roberts

This line was printed at the bottom of the front side of Kent Volume 15, Issue 1: “Copyright © 2017 Kent Does Not Own A Traditional Coffee Mug Right Now So He Drinks Coffee And Tea Out Of A Small Ceramic Pitcher.”

Box containing the mug that arrived at Kent HQ.

In response, Kent Friend Frank Tomizuka set himself out to rectify the situation by sending a coffee mug to Kent Global Media Chairman Kent Roberts.

As seen here, writing on the box seeemed to indicate that Kent Friend Frank Tomizuka is presenting him with an anti-cream-pitcher, or perhaps even the infamous Anti-Creampitcher.

As Roberts opened the box, he realized that he was experiencing a serious life upgrade. “The mug is beautiful,” said Kent. “And it helps me get caffeinated as necessary, since this Kentmedia empire doesn’t run itself.”

Kent’s new mug, sent to him by Kent Friend Frank Tomizuka, relaxes in the front yard at Kent HQ.

The box arrived at Kent HQ. Kent Niece Ramona was notably uninterested in opening the package when she was informed that it contained a coffee mug.

Here, the mug starts to make its way around the property. It spent a few minutes on the stoop, taking it all in.

Once the mug was out of the box, it quickly became clear that it wanted to tour the property for a photoshoot, with particular interest in enjoying the sunshine.

Kent’s new mug wanted to know about waste removal. It’s a common concern among household objects.

The arrival of the mug also offered an opportunity for a meet-and-greet between the mug and a pitcher previously sent by Tomizuka to Roberts.

Kent’s new mug enjoys some time with a vase, sharing a moment like only fellow pottery can.


  1. Kent, I am very touched that you introduced Mug to Vase. Bravo Kent! <3

    Note: Mug feels slightly anxious being photographed near a recycle bin. You know, the mortality thing…

    • I feel that it is the right of pottery to meet other pottery, and I feel it’s especially critical that those meetings occur in either vestibules or foyers. Far too many of these meetings occur on storage or display shelves; or, sadly, inside waste bins and landfills. And I concur that both of them feel uneasy anywhere near the trash and even get a little freaked out when I pick them up. Thank you Kent Friend Frank Tomizuka!

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