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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Kentmobile | 0 comments

Kentmobile Upgraded to Peach in Color-Coded Concern System


There are three ongoing problems with the 2003 Nissan Sentra that is currently serving as the Kentmobile. With the onset of the third category of problems, I made the executive decision to upgrade the Kentmobile Concern Rating (KCR) from Yellow – “Abnormally Problematic” – to Peach – “Concern, Moderate.”

Beneath its veneer of dependability is a world of dysfunction.

Beneath its veneer of dependability is a world of dysfunction.

  1. Check Engine Light: The Kentmobile has been alerting the driver to check the engine since June, prior to driving it from St. Petersburg, Florida, to Austin.
  2. Four Nails in Tire: There are currently four nails in the left front tire, requiring regular air-filling.
  3. Taping of Chassis: A piece of plastic at the base of the car started rubbing against the ground on a drive to Dallas. Electrical tape was used to contain the problem (following Kent’s “first containment, then repair” protocol). Subsequently, Kent was driving when another piece of plastic broke loose, forcing the windshield washer fluid reservoir to dangle near the ground. This situation, the real catalyst for the Peach transition, was contained with packaging tape.


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