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Posted by on May 4, 2017 in Issue 1 (May), Kent Media Blackout, Volume 15 (2017) | 0 comments

Kent discusses emotional turmoil of media blackout

Early in the morning on the Mississippi, Kent Roberts studies things and realizes that he is freezing cold.

Near the location of the public forum Kent attended very early one morning on the bank of the Mississippi River.

By Kent Roberts

Self-publishing Kent-of-some-trades Kent Roberts “could be more thrilled, but it would be unlikely” to announce publication of Volume 15, Issue 1 – the first Minnesota issue and the end of a two-year drought of editing and publishing at Kent Media Enterprises.

“Sometimes, to be honest, I struggle to find the passion to get the word out,” said Roberts in earnest, inaudibly expressing himself in a public forum held on the bank of the Mississippi River at 4:47am. “But more recently, I was looking on the internet. And on the TV. And in the magazines. And I felt that same old, familiar blend of nausea and indignation overcoming me. This – this is the wretched sensation from whence passion springs.”

As you may know, the sensation experienced by Kent was in response to the media blackout against Kent Roberts-related news and information, a blackout that did notably have glimmers (though not beams) of light.

“The full-on, pitch-black media response to my life is back again,” said Roberts. “They’re treating me like I don’t exist,” he said.

Kent then opened his refrigerator; grabbed a whole, unpeeled carrot; took a huge bite; and almost immediately started choking.  His eyes watering, he concluded by walking away and forgetting what we were talking about.

Note: Excerpted From Volume 15, Issue 1 [Full Printable Issue]

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