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Posted by on Sep 12, 2015 in Printable Issues | 3 comments

First Full California Issue

First Full California Issue

See full- color PDF link directly below images.

Kent Volume 14 Issue 2 - Scan of Front

Kent Volume 14 Issue 2 - Scan of Back

Kent 2015 #2 — Volume 14, Issue 2 — PDF


Table of Contents — Kent 2015 #2 (Volume 14, Issue 2)

Kent: a publication by and about Kent Roberts and for the global community

I keep doing my publication Kent in California

Two garage-related mistakes on record

Kent does a good turn: Screw removal

Mustache bug sighting leads to accidental death

Kent Sports: Hill Run

Kent Bullet News: the fastest informational six-shooter in self-media

HaiKent #2



Volume 14, Issue 2
Editor-in-Chief: Kent Roberts
Interspecies Chaplain: Kent Roberts

Kent Cloud:
Look both ways before crossing the street, especially if you plan to jaywalk.


  1. After reading this I get it I think but I’ll wait till next issue

    • Hey Richard I appreciate it. I don’t quite get this publication either, other than that it’s stopping the media blackout against me, Kent Roberts (since I’ve never made the front page of CNN, the Guardian, the Boston Globe, or even the Christian Science Monitor, for reasons that have never been properly explained to me). But you did just prompt me to put another issue out there. It will be the 1st Minneapolis issue. Thank you. — Kent Editor-in-Chief Kent Roberts

      • And for the record everyone (as you can see), I have a policy of replying to all comments within no more than 16 months. Made the cutoff again! [fist-pump]

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