Theft of Kentmobile and Kentborg Mobile Unit delays Kentbook

By Kent Roberts

Please note that the new release date of the eKentbook is March 4th (March Forth). The new release date of the Kentbook is March 20 (Spring Equinox).

Self-publisher Kent Roberts has always been someone who is bad with deadlines, but he thinks these deadlines are moved for good reason: The Kentmobile was stolen on February 2 (Groundhog Day), the intended release date of the eKentbook. The Kentborg Mobile Unit was in the Kentmobile at the time.

Everything is OK. Roberts will recover. Just updating anyone who is looking for the book that it will be available after that date.

Update (2/14/19, 2:07pm CST): Issues of Kent will resume on a regular basis soon after the book is published.

eKentbook Lite

eKentbook Lite, the first edition of Kentbook (with full editions arriving February 2), includes all issues of Kent since 1999 except the two Kent Lost Issues, along with the first public appearance of the Kent Staff Handbook.

This post is backdated a few days. *Warning: The following will be boring but may interest some re: Internet authenticity in terms of why that is the case.* I initially published the PDF on December 31, 2018, and I was having technical difficulties that made me feel like something was going to go wrong, so I published the eKentbook Lite actually slightly ahead of when this page indicates. However, I realized that by posting it as a page and making it a static page, people were having trouble accessing individual issues. So I republished as a post, but I also wanted the post to indicate the initial publication time. The objective publication time was 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on New Year’s Eve. The book was initially published at approximately 11:00pm EDT. However, since I already wanted to backdate to the 31st to indicate initial publication date, I thought I’d also switch the publication time to the mythical ideal publication time of 11:59pm – which does truly reflect my initial desire to publish at a time when everyone was distracted with something else.

Octannual Assessment Issue (Oct. 2018 #3)

The Kentbook, self-publisher Kent Roberts’ first solo book, with all issues since 1999 and all-new material, arrives here on 12/31/2018 at 11:59pm.

Open Octannual Assessment

In the Octannual Assessment Issue, we see Kent proposing that football be renamed animalbyproductball. Kent interviews Kentself, during which Kent freaks out and yells at Kentself before getting into a minor accident. Kent’s diurnal manimal workout routine is also discussed.