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Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Health & nutrition, Kentropolis, Mission | 0 comments

All hands on deck: Search for coffee leads Kent to Hollywood

by Kent Roberts

24-hour coffee in self-publisher Kent Roberts' neighborhood

Two most promising 24-hour coffee locations near Kent HQ.

The global media embargo against Kent Roberts information has been devastating to Roberts’ attempts to get the word out about his life. But Roberts is determined not to let the nearly 38-year drought of news (which has included a few very brief sprinkles, such as his 1996 inclusion in the Madison Courier as a member of the Southwestern high school track team) drive his proliferation strategies.

In this spirit, he is moving the Kent World Headquarters to the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles – effective July 12, 2015. Those tracking Kent’s efforts to spread the news about himself should further note that the current Kentropolis will transition from Austin, Texas, to Los Angeles, California, on that same day.

One of the top concerns for Kent is access to coffee throughout the 24-hour cycle. In fact, the coffeehouse is so critical that Kent recently found housing by moving toward coffeehouses, then searching around them. This search drew him northward from Mid-City, where Kent Friend Mike lives, to Hollywood, where tourists creep around with blank expressions.

The 2:01am—6am coffee access is necessary for Kent so that he can do his daily ritual of rising and driving someplace where he can pay a small fee in exchange for a cup of joe. The two nearest and most seemingly acceptable 24-hour coffee establishments are Mel’s Diner (#1 on map) and kitchen24 (#2).

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