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Posted by on Oct 27, 2014 in Flora & fauna | 0 comments

Op-Ed: Plant Redeems Me!!!


Luck: the later years.

Good tidings from the clover patch.


I recently discovered a four-leaf clover under the stairs to my apartment. The fourth leaf signifies the Redemption of humankind, with the first three signifying the Trinity. People of Ireland: I am honored by your folklore, which assures me I am on the right path, with no Irish Car Bomb consumption for nine months.



Volume 13, Issue 1

Johnny-Come-Punctually: Kent Roberts
Executive Dir. of Feelings: Kent Roberts

Kentphorism: Use the force, centrifugal force, if you ever have to throw a discus or design carnival rides.

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© Copyright 2014 If Kent Touched a Woman’s Breasts Last Night, Then It Was Totally Awesome.
© Copyright 2014 Kent is Often Convinced That Time is Not Calibrated Correctly with Itself.
© Copyright 2014 Kent Talks To His Plant and Is Convinced That the Plant Can Hear Him.


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