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Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in Self-interviews | 0 comments

Interview with Kent: debate over spoons, self-assessment

reflection in spoon

This is my favorite spoon, but it’s not the one that was in my mouth at birth.


Kent: How would you rate yourself, Roberts, on a scale of 1 to 10?
Kent: I guess 8.
Kent: They say we are our own worst critics. However, I give you a 7.
Kent: I’m sorry I haven’t impressed you.
Kent: Well, I was going to give you an 8 rating. But I dropped it based on your 8. It’s too high.
Kent: You just said you were going to give me an 8, though.
Kent: If you had gone with a 7, that would have meant an 8 from me for humility.
Kent: Well, on an academic scale, a 7 is a D.
Kent: Right.
Kent: I’d say I’m average. Isn’t that humble? 8 is average.
Kent: No, I’d like to be the one to designate you as average or not. Average is a privilege. It’s not a birthright.
Kent: I kinda think average is my birthright.
Kent: You’re saying you were born with a sensible, unassuming spoon in your mouth?
Kent: It was stainless steel.
Kent: Still, you had a spoon. On those grounds, I’m lowering you to a 4.
Kent: I’m not sure that makes sense.
Kent: Why is 8 average? You should rate yourself a 5, and then I can downgrade you to a 4 for lack of humility. You were given a spoon, and what did you do with it?
Kent: Well… I ate.
Kent: Did you think to feed anyone else?
Kent: Occasionally.
Kent: See… Yeah, that’s actually the behavior of a 1 or a 2. OK – I give you a 0 for extreme lack of humility.
Kent: No, it’s 1 to 10.
Kent: Right, you get a 2, then, for remembering parameters.
Kent: Based on my lack of spoon feeding with my stainless-steel spoon, I get a terrible rating?
Kent: It wasn’t even aluminum.
Kent: I think aluminum is toxic, so I’m glad it wasn’t.
Kent: I bet you were.


Interview with Kent: debate over spoons, self-assessment

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