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Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in Kentropolis | 0 comments

Austin designated as the new Kentropolis


Cars you know they move around

A stretch of Guadalupe Street in Kentropolis, arrow pointing inward.

Self-publisher, international personality, and fair-weather/harsh-weather/so-so-weather friend Kent Roberts made an announcement today regarding his place in the world. The oral decree gives us a new understanding of how Roberts relates to the space-time continuum, especially its first portion.

Said Kent, “I don’t just live in a city. The city also lives in me. The new Kent Worldwide Headquarters is Austin, Texas. In turn, Austin just became the new Kentropolis.”

Roberts explained that the Kentropolis classification of Austin is retroactive to all other municipalities he has called home, specific to the time periods of his residency. St. Petersburg, Florida, served most recently as Kentropolis (September 2006 through June 2013).


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