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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Self-interviews | 0 comments

Exclusive interview: Kent talks diametrically and in concentric semicircles (part 3 of 3)

by KentRoberts

(Above: Kent patiently waits for himself to finish talking so that he can pick up one of the other lines at Kent World Headquarters. Pic taken by Kent Roberts, who is wearing a Pedro el Poeta shirt that Kent Friend Pedro sold him for $5.)

[Interview part 1 / Interview part 2]

KENT: Do what you need to do.

KENT: Hmm … sorry, I lost my train of thought.

KENT: My friend Jeremy told me this idea of *choices* being in the moment and *decisions* being the result of rationalistic decision-making processes. Choices are intuitive and are preferable.

KENT: Hm. We know when we know, and there is no other way for us to find what is right.

KENT:That sounds almost fascistic though.

KENT: I’m not a fascist. As Salvador Dali said, “The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.” The only difference between me and a fascist is that I am not a fascist.

KENT: Sounds convenient.

KENT: Sure. Why should anything ever be inconvenient? “The things I love most about the inconvenience store are that the products are completely disorganized and it’s almost impossible to locate.”

KENT: Right, life is simple and obvious. There is a clarity beneath a veneer of confounding complexity, a complexity which is itself superficiality. Disentangling the lies and the nonsense from the beautiful and, in a way, *perfect* essence is how we progress in life.

KENT: Now you’re *really* preaching.

KENT: I’m a miniscule creature.

KENT: An ant?

KENT: No, I was thinking more like something microscopic.

KENT: An amoeba?

KENT: Hm, I hadn’t specified it in my mind.

KENT: I get it. Your amoebic brain can only think in generalities.

[Interview part 1 / Interview part 2]

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