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Posted by on Mar 25, 2012 in Laundry | 0 comments

Laundry situation

by Kent Roberts

Something is wrong with the laundry machine at my apartment. It dumps a bunch of soap suds in the lid on the side, but then it doesn’t dump enough water in the same location to clear the suds off the lid and allow the washed and rinsed clothing to exit safely. This results in two problems:

1. Removal Problem: Removal of clothing from the washing machine must be performed by raising the armful of clothing to the top of the lid and not getting too greedy with the amount of clothing prepared for desired removal. The suds only gather at the bottom of the lid; hence, this is the only portion of the lid that must be avoided. 

2. Paper Towels Reminder Problem:

Every time I go in there again and look at the suds, I think, “You know, I should bring a roll of paper towels in here, and then anyone who has this problem will have a paper towel to clean up the lid. 

(Volume 11, Issue 1: March 25, 2012)


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