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Posted by on May 15, 1999 in Ask Kent | 0 comments

Ask Kent

Logo - by Jeremy Zilarby Kent Roberts

“If you call to me I will answer you, and I will tell you strange and mysterious things you have not known.” – [Kent] 33:3

Q: Great work on your whippoorwill exposé. [It was a] thoughtful and deceptive (we thought it was written by eight-year-olds at first) piece. Now for my problem. I often walk down to Fox Point Elementary after they’re done with classes and give little kids bad investment tips. Is that wrong?

— Zach Casavant

A: When you say “whippoorwill exposé,” you’re referring to my interview of myself, right? You don’t mean that I’m a whippoorwill, do you? That piece was an exposé of myself. Anyway, the piece was written by eight-year-olds. Is it wrong? I don’t know, is it wrong to walk down to Fox Point Elementary and make the kids write a publication for you? Yeah, I guess it is. Sorry, kids. I think you, Zach, should be sorry too.



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